Global Security Database GitHub Repos

The Global Security Database currently uses git to store the data and GitHub to host it along with other services (issues, etc.). By using git (and GitHub) we can easily host the data, share it, and allow modifications to the data in a way that can easily be corrected if anything goes wrong.

The Global Security Database uses the classic “fork and PR” method of contributing. There are other ways to participate as well, you can start discussions, file issues if you notice problems/errors, or if you have an idea or have identified a pain point please let us know. A big part of the Global Security Database is capturing this information and giving people a place to discuss and work on solutions.

If you want to request a GSD ID the easiest way is to simply go to and login with your GitHub ID and then use the form to request an ID, this will then be approved and the ID assigned (and if you’re already on the approved list from previous requests your ID will be assigned automatically).


Purpose: This is all the GSD ID’s, including GSD original content (starting in the 1000000+ ID range for each year) and mirrored content from other vulnerability identifier ecosystems. It is licensed under the CC0 1.0 Universal.


Contributing: To request a new GSD identifier please use To make changes/updates/deletions to data please use the fork and pull method (we are working on automation/tooling for this).

Issues: Please file issues against GSD identifiers here such as missing or incorrect information in GSD data or other namespaces (e.g. NVD, CVE)


Purpose: This is high-level GSD Project plans and discussion using issues. It is licensed under the CC0 1.0 Universal.


Contributing: Please file issues to discuss things, you can also use the mailing list (you must signup to post) or the Circle discussion group (requires free login).


Purpose: The gsd-tools repo is for software, tooling, and automation such as the web form and bot that processes issues at or the “Raw” API at It is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0.